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Cannabis Property Leases

Real Estate for the Cannabis Space

Get the square footage you need to take your cultivation, processing, or distribution to the next level.

How We Can Help

We work with established cannabis companies to help secure commercial real estate for expansion on flexible terms.

Long-Term Leases

Gain the security and peace of mind a long-term lease provides.
  • No regularly renegotiate terms
  • Landlords who know the industry
  • Stable base of operations

Lower Barrier to Entry

Expand operations without tying up capital in real estate.
  • Smaller initial investment
  • Same potential for profitability
  • Growth with less risk

Flexible Lease Terms

Do what’s right for your business, even as its needs evolve.
  • Lower lease rates
  • Rent abatement
  • Right of first refusal

Featured Properties

Cannabis Property Leases own an existing real estate portfolio specifically tailored to the cannabis industry. Feel free to browse through a selection of our available properties below. Can’t find the exact fit you’re looking for? Let us know what you’re trying to find and we’ll work with you to identify and acquire the perfect property.

The Grain room was constructed in 1962 and is concrete…
The Admin building was constructed in 1996 and is of…
CS2 is a concrete/masonry and steel construction 4 floors approximately…
CS1 is the original building in the complex built in…
$0.82 - $1.25 PSF/MONTH
A 116,000 Sq Ft cannabis compound with a grandfathered fast…
$1.25 - $1.75 PSF/MONTH
OR, 97402
107,708 square foot industrial manufacturing facility in Eugene, Oregon…
Who We Are

Bridging the gap between operators and the real estate needed for expansion.

We work hard to help you find and secure the perfect property for the next phase of your cannabis business.

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Learn how Cannabis Property Leases can help your business maximize its potential.

Who We Serve

Whether growing, processing, distributing, or running a lab, you’re ready to expand.

Is your business a good fit?

Will you need to acquire or rent commercial real estate during the next 12 months?
Will you require at least 20,000 sq ft of space?
Do you know your ideal location?

We require the same type of documentation required for any commercial lease.

Current P&L sheets
Two years of bank records

We’re here to help

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Do You Qualify?

Not sure if you meet the basic requirements? Click here and we’ll be in touch.

Identify a Property

Choose from our existing portfolio of cannabis-friendly properties or come with your own property in mind. We’ll help you find and secure the perfect fit.

Acquisition & Leasing

We acquire the property and lease it to you at favorable rates.
Industry Analysis

The global legal marijuana market was valued at $9.1 billion. That number is expected to grow fast in the coming years.


We work with companies in almost every sector of the cannabis industry that require industrial space for their operations.

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